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We are the Savchenko family: Alex, Lydia and our 9 children. In the year of 2009 we started our Family business and printed our first Planner as "Book-Allys" Daily Planner.

May be some of you remember that we had different kinds of planners for a few next years: Daily Planners, Christian Planners and Truckers Planners. 

In 2019 we reopened our small family business.

Today we would like to introduce our NEW "ALSAVCHE" Undated DAILY Planner. 

Many interesting updates inside!  Please see the pictures and read the information down below.  

                                                                     You are welcome to purchase this Daily Planner at our Amazon Store

- 432 pages (1 page per day)

- Daily Appointments- Yearly Calendar

- Yearly Planner

- Monthly Planner

- Important Calls

- Daily Journal

- Daily "To-Do" list

- Personal Information

- Family and Friends Activities

- Birthday and Anniversaries

- Creative Coloring Pages


March DEAL!!! Buy one ($14.95), get one 30% OFF=Two planners for $25.00 plus FREE shipping!

- Graphs and Charts

- "My Weight" Graphs

- Personal Graphs

- Extra Lined Pages

- Extra Bullet Pages

- Extra Graph Pages

- Daily Goals

- Daily Motivations

- Daily Progress Charts

- Celebrations of the Year

- Motivational Charts